OZA gauge

Developed in 1980, with the capability to withstand the test of time, the latest Model 211, OZA Gauge has an accuracy of 0.1 mm accuracy. A great product for:

1) Building Inspectors
2) Insurance Agents
3) Contractors & Engineers

4) Claims Investigators
5) Demolition Experts
6) Drilling & Blasting Crews

Set up: Use either Epoxy and/or screws to mount both ends of the gauge to the wall. A small piece of tape has been applied to the top and bottom to help keep the cross-hairs aligned. Once it is mounted, cut this tape to allow both sides of the gauge to move freely. Record initial position of the red cross hairs. Record regularly, and determine a schedule, using blank forms provided to record the results.

The mini-seis iII™

The Mini-Seis III improves upon the reputation generated by the White Mini-Seis. Ideal for all kinds of continuous vibration monitoring, including geotechnical, environmental, blasting and others. The instrument has over 650MB of memory and can store up to 2044 waveform and histogram records. The Mini-Seis III also supports downloading of data via USB to a computer or thumb drive, and includes RS232 support for remote access. Rugged, reliable and easy to use, the Mini-Seis III™ sets the standard for value in a seismograph.