pre & post construction surveys

A Pre & Post Construction Survey is an interior and exterior survey of structures located near blasting, demolition, and construction operations. Our reports are either hand written and/or photographed as specified by the contract. 

We provide the advantage of third-party objectivity and expertise in the recording of air, ground and water. This helps prevent expensive unwanted damage investigations and potential litigation. A complete survey consists of documenting existing conditions on the inside and the outside of a residential or commercial structure immediately prior to construction.

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noise & vibration monitoring

Noise & Vibration monitoring of site activities is the process of monitoring structures within the zone of construction influence. Monitoring is available 24/7, and is imperative to ensure regulatory compliance with various governing bodies’ guidelines & by-laws and to evaluate possible hazards to structures, sensitive equipment and persons. Hydro poles, gas mains, sewers, water mains, bridges, roadways, houses, buildings, and railways are affected by vibration to greater or lesser degrees. If sound or vibration levels get too large there is risk of damage. 

We understand that contractors require instant feedback when commencing operations. To ensure this, OZA Inspections uses the latest software with the highest reliability and accuracy. (See our Sales page for more information.)

Our noise and vibration experts are dedicated to always educating themselves and others on updated and evolving industrial standards, and refinements to limits. This includes limits (within a given construction zone) for cities, towns, provinces, utilities, railways, and heritage structures.

With decades of experience, OZA Inspections is eager and ready to provide you with the support you need.

Seismograph services sales/repairs

Calibration & Repair Services: Our repair and calibration department can handle all of your seismograph service needs. We perform a very thorough checkup of every seismograph. We test the batteries, clean the connectors, examine the boards for corrosion and perform other function tests. ​​

Seismograph Rental Services: We offer both short and long term seismograph rental programs. Instrument rentals are ideal for short term monitoring projects that do not require the on-site services of one of our technicians. The instruments are very easy to use. ​

Claim investigation / consulting

Damage assessments: Damage assessments are conducted by OZA’s professional senior consultants. We have performed these investigations for major insurance carriers, law firms, companies and individuals.​​

Professional Services: ​In the event that it becomes necessary, data review, pre-trial preparation and expert testimony concerning the effects of vibrations can be provided by our professional senior consultants.